Monday, August 9, 2010

Bummed Out

I just got on the scale and I have gained 1.5 lbs. This is not the way I wanted to start my week. The crazy part is that last night when Brad had a moment of weakness - he ordered Papa Johns pizza - I refrained and had 3 meatballs, green beans, tomato slices and 2 small red skinned new potatoes. Sorry I call you out Brad. He is not going to be happy that I am telling "his business". Hee hee. I guess if I would have broken down and eaten the pizza I could see the weight gain, but I was good. I mean I watched him eat it and I didn't even have any. This is not fair. And he probably still lost weight. I have just decided that our scale must be broken :)


  1. Don't weigh but once a week, Em!! You are doing GREAT!

  2. I weigh everyday. I just can't help myself :o)