Sunday, August 8, 2010

Winn-Dixie Specials

These were good finds at our local Winn-Dixie:

After church, Brad and I went to Winn-Dixie for some produce since our local farmer's market ended. We ran across some good deals while we were there so I thought I would pass along. Our new favorite Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich rounds are Buy 1 get one FREE! I was extremely happy about this one. The things that excite me these days :o)

Winn-Dixie brand canned tomatoes were 10 for $6.00 making them $0.60 a can. We have been trying to use fresh ingredients, but let's face it, sometimes we only have time for cans. We bought petite diced tomatoes, tomatoes with green chilies, Italian style diced tomatoes, and Mexican style diced tomatoes. We weren't there to buy tomatoes, but saw they were on sale so we snatched some up. Be on the lookout for some great recipes using these tomatoes.

Broccoli bunches were Buy 1 get 1 FREE. I could have just passed these right on by since broccoli really is not my favorite. I always think the next time I eat it I will love it, but that hasn't happened yet. Maybe one day. If I could just smother it in cheese or fry it.

All natural skinless, boneless chicken breast packs were also Buy 1 get 1 FREE! We loaded up on these and froze most of them. We are eating A LOT of chicken these days.

Please know that I am in NO way affiliated with any of these brands or Winn-Dixie...just a lil' tid bit I thought you might appreciate. I didn't pay attention to when the sale ends. That would have been smart of me. Sorry.

We saved $36.00 using our Winn-Dixie customer card. Pretty good.

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